Xcode Organizer Crash Reports FUBARed


My company use to capture iOS crash reports with a service, but of course if the crash happens at launch and the user cannot ever continue, those are worthless.

Also since Apple's are no cost it seemed like a no brainer to just use Apple.

Well, I'm happily looking at the Organizer's list of reports, and patting myself on the back - almost none. The I open on in the Finder, go poking around, and OMG - there are slews of them that never make it to the Organizer list.

And gee whiz - even in one xccrashpoint container there are many crashes that are in different places. What the f is a xccrashpoint folder for anyway?

Does this crap with Apple never end?

Soooooo - my question - is there some tool out there I can get that will rummage around all the xccrashpoint containers and extract the real list of crashes?

I'm thinking of just doing a find command that gets the last days entries and copies them to some folder on the desktop, and just run this daily, But WTF!