SwiftUI previews, Sparkle, Xcode 14

John Brownie

I've done some work on some of my SwiftUI views, but the preview won't work since I changed to Xcode 14 (currently 14.0.1). When I ask for the diagnosis, I get a window with this:


SettingsError: noExecutablePath(<IDESwiftPackageStaticLibraryProductBuildable:ObjectIdentifier(0x000060000b808b70):'Sparkle'>)

It seems that it doesn't like Sparkle. Sparkle is installed with the Swift Package Manager, and is currently using version 2.2.2. Everything builds and runs, but previews don't work. I suppose I could temporarily remove Sparkle from the project, but it seems like Xcode has a bug, since it all worked in Xcode 13.

Has anyone else seen this and found a better solution than removing Sparkle?