How to Install CccoaPods on an M1 Mac Bypassing a Ruby Install

Alex Zavatone

It’s been a PITA to get ruby installed on an M1 Mac which is used to install CocoaPods which many projects still use.  I bothered to type up how to get CocoaPods installed so that others can be excluded from my pain.

Sorry if the formatting is a little wonky.

Alex Zavatone  - 02/16/2023, 02/17/2023 - V002

Process is as follows
1. Install Rosetta.
2. Install Homebrew.
3. Issue two commands in the Terminal
4. Install Cocoapods, bypassing a Ruby build.
5. Nav to your Xcode project root and issue a pod install.

Open the Terminal.

Enter these commands.

Note: remember to read the output of each operation.  You will need to enter two commands after second step.  The output will tell you what to do.

softwareupdate --install-rosetta
brew install cocoapods

Then navigate to the root of your project in the Terminal window and issue this command.

pod install

Alex Zavatone