Adding PDFKit palette to Xcode 10

Walter McCreary

I’m revising some iOS apps (for iOS 12.0) to use PDFView objects.  I have included the PDFKit framework, but the IB objects library does not contain  a PDFView.  PDFKit programming guide is out of date regarding adding the palette:

"A PDFView user interface element is available in Interface Builder, so you should use that wherever you want your application to display PDF content. Note that you need to install the PDF Kit palette in /Developer/Extras/Palettes/PDFKit.palette to make PDFViews available.
To add the PDFKit palette in Interface Builder, select the Palettes tab in the Preferences panel. Click the Add… button, navigate to the /Developer/Extras/Palettes folder, and select the PDFKit palette. Next, select the Customize Toolbar menu item in the Tools/Palettes menu and drag the PDFKit palette to the toolbar to make it visible. “
So, for Xcode 10, is there a way to add the PDFKit palette to the objects library?