XCode 11 Bug? - Project File Filter not Working Correctly



I have a project with a number of files with names beginning with “LTWSudo”, if I type “LTWSudo” into the Filter Field of the Project Pane, it shows some of the files, but not all. This is happening on other files too and is making my life hell! This is an IOS project and I’m trying to do a Mac version of the same code, the Mac Project is new, but the IOS version was built a while back (XCode 9/10). This happens in the IOS project and I’ve also notices that all .h files are missing from the project window too and maybe this has something to do with it. I’ve tried Cleaning the Project as Quitting XCode but it still doesn’t show the files? The project complies and runs ok so all the files are actually there.

I’ve just noticed that if I open file missing file, it suddenly show the file in the Project Pane!

Any ideas what is going on? Has anyone else had this type of problem with XCode 11?

All the Best