Re: Xcode 11 broke my build when targeting an iPad

Steve Mills

On Oct 1, 2019, at 08:57, Fritz Anderson <> wrote:

(Usual comment that the prevalence of possibly-dozens of reports out of a million makes it reasonable for DT to budget its time for other things. I don't say it doesn't hurt your work, just pointing out how it sucks to live in a finite universe. I'm sure you've nudged the prevalence-and-severity needle by breaking out the Feedback Assistant and reporting the issue. It's a huge improvement over the Radar site. (I wish it were available without a Spotlight search.))
Yes, bug reported. And yes, they should’ve kept the same name and domain name. After decades of automatically typing “bugr” into the Safari field and having autocomplete know what I meant, it was impossible to remember the dumb new name. I ended up adding a bookmark for it named “bugreport” so at least it still works and I don’t have to learn a new name for it.

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