Re: Xcode 11 broke my build when targeting an iPad

Fritz Anderson

Not being an Apple employee (or being bound by a saber-toothed NDA If I were), I can't say what Developer Tools intends for the 11.1 release.

(Usual comment that the prevalence of possibly-dozens of reports out of a million makes it reasonable for DT to budget its time for other things. I don't say it doesn't hurt your work, just pointing out how it sucks to live in a finite universe. I'm sure you've nudged the prevalence-and-severity needle by breaking out the Feedback Assistant and reporting the issue. It's a huge improvement over the Radar site. (I wish it were available without a Spotlight search.))

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In the spirit of is-it-plugged-in, are you running Xcode 11.0, or 11.1 (now seeded as Golden Master — that was quick)?
11.0. Is this just yet another bug they let loose on the world without proper testing, and 11.1 is planned to fix it?

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