Re: Launch screen orientation for landscape-only iPhone app

Quincey Morris

On Aug 22, 2018, at 20:48 , Carl Hoefs <newslists@...> wrote:

The "Simulated Metrics" and "View as" orientation (neither of which probably matter at all).

They mean nothing at all, other than the cosmetic appearance in IB itself.

So, are you saying that the launch storyboard is appearing in portrait orientation (i.e. correctly for a phone held in portrait orientation), but that this is just weird if the phone is actually being held in landscape initially? I have a vague recollection about all iPhone apps starting in portrait orientation, regardless of the actual orientation of the device, then autorotating to landscape if configured to work only in landscape. I suspect it’s “as designed” for the launch screen to appear in portrait in this case.

Surely, the best solution is to have an orientation-neutral launch storyboard? That storyboard isn’t really supposed to show any content. Something bland and neutral may be the best choice.

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