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John Brownie

Ick, it turns out to be the fact that I have some older C++ code that requires the older libstdc++ rather than the newer libc++, and this is quickly turning into a nightmare, as I need to dig into some of that older code and rework it.

The pains of trying to develop a replacement in pieces rather than a complete rework in Swift...


20 November 2017 at 17:02
Fun times, indeed!

The headers issue turns up because, in adding Swift files, I have to make the minimum OS version 10.9 rather than 10.8. For some reason, that makes an include line like:

#include <tr1/functional>

fails to compile, with the message "fatal error: 'tr1/functional' file not found".

After extensive investigation, the only factor that makes this fail to compile is the switch of minimum OS version. I have had warning messages about libstdc++ before, when it was 10.8, so I presume something changed at that point, but I have no clue as to where to look to solve this issue. Hopefully someone else has seen and resolved this one!

20 November 2017 at 14:48
Getting the header search paths right can be hell, once they are borked.

The sanest thing would be to revert to before you added the Swift files, make sure you can build and add the Swift files again.

The other thing you will want to do is output the build variables, see what Xcode thinks the header search paths are and verify that they are indeed present.

You can do this easily by clicking a check box to do this in the Build Phases, or add a phase that echos the build variables to the build process and before compile time.

Good luck. Sounds like fun times.

20 November 2017 at 12:28
With a working application written in a mixture of Obj-C, Obj-C++ and straight C++, I added some Swift files. After a bit of mucking around due to some header path issues, I have come to the point where it won't build, because it doesn't compile the sources. As far as I can tell, the sources are listed in the Compile Sources phase, but it gets skipped, and the linker complains that it can't find the files.

This is Xcode 8.3.2, on macOS 10.12.6. I've restarted the computer, cleaned the Build Folder, and tried what can think of, but this has me stumped.

Any pointers?


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