Re: App Transport Layer and Exceptions

Alexander von Below


a quick google search pulled up this from the „AWS Mobile Blog“:

I am as surprised as you that AWS does not meet the ATL criteria.

To find out, run /usr/bin/nscurl --ats-diagnostics $yoururlgoeshere



Am 19.06.2017 um 07:48 schrieb 2551phil <>:

I’m making my first venture into submitting an app for distribution via the macOS App Store.

In my non-app store distributed apps, I have a call to a file located on my Amazon AWS repository which provides data the app needs (the data is changeable on a daily basis, so can’t be hardwired into the app). For some reason Amazon AWS won’t pass ATL (specifically, I have to add the NSExceptionRequiresForwardSecrecy key to get the url past ATL).

My (primary) question is: does anyone here know if exceptions are acceptable for App Store submission, or is ATL strictly enforced?

If the latter, a subsequent question is does anyone else here use calls to Amazon AWS within an App Store app and know how to deal with it? I don’t really understand why AWS doesn’t / can’t meet the requirements of ATL, or maybe I just need to fiddle with “something” in the settings for the AWS repository…?



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