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Things have now gone from bad to worse!

In an effort to find out and fix what was going wrong, I looked in the Build Setting/Build Phases panel and saw some files that had a path outside of the project hierarchy, when I looked in the project window, located the file and did a”Reveal in Finder”, it showed the file as being in the project hierarchy not the other location. So I removed the file from the Build Phases Panel, did a clean and tried to add it back - but now I have the same problem as for LTWDice3 and LTWDice6, e.g. it won’t let me add it!

I now cannot compile my project because it says the file is missing.

If someone could tell me how to fix this I’d be sooooooooooo grateful!

All the Best

On 23 Aug 2017, at 15:13, Dave <dave@...> wrote:

XCode 8.3.3.

Hi All,

I suddenly cannot add files to my project anymore! I have a class called LTWDice6. I noticed that the .h file has gone missing from my project file, although LTWDice6.m shows up ok. When I try to drag LTWDice6.h into the project, it doesn’t add it, I also tried using “Add Files” but this shows LTWDice6.h  as disabled (e.g. I cannot select it).

I also noticed that LTWDice3.h is missing too and I have the same problem when I try to add it.

How can I add these files to my project?

All the Best

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