certificate woes

Marco S Hyman

Happy December Xcode users,

I updated a Mac app and uploaded it to the Mac App Store. No problems. It is in review. I also make the app available for download for those who don’t want to use the app store. Problems.

When trying to upload the app to be notarized I’m getting a certificate error: Profile doesn’t include the selected signing cert. I’ve always used the “Automatically Handle Signing” option. It has, up to this point, always worked. Needless to say I’m clueless as to what might be wrong.

The only thing that looks interesting to my untrained eye is that my Signing Certification has always been team A3U.... That is also what I see when I check certificates at appstoreconnect.apple.com. Xcode, however, says my signing cert is WPD....

I suspect that is the issue as the profile references the A3U... cert. Even a freshly downloaded cert.

Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?



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