NSAlert replacement on Big Sur


If you dislike the redesigned NSAlert on  Big Sur as much as I do (as well as countless other users and developers), then I recently found a github project for a much better replacement.

Here's a brief example:

As you can see, it restores the human-oriented design and layout of pre-Big Sur systems.

The original project is here:


It does require some changes to work properly:

Mainly, to make the window moveable, do the following in the -init method in NSCustomAlert.mm:
• Remove the NSWindowStyleMaskDocModalWindow mask
• add _panel.movableByWindowBackground = YES
Also, you'll need to change the font from Helvetica to systemFont... and adjust font sizes as needed. Once it's done it works perfectly.

Another small change:

In [self expandButtonSize:btn expandHorz:10.0f minWidth:75.0f] change 75 to 96 to make sure OK button is the same size as Cancel

I'm not sure that the developer still maintains the project. I left a feedback but he never responded.

I'm gradually replacing all alerts in my apps with this custom alert. I already had my own category of NSAlert so it was easy to add this class in a single place.


These two files from the entire project are sufficient to display the alert: NSCustomAlert.h and NSCustomAlert.mm. I'm not using any other files.  

The project doesn't support the "don't show again button" - but I never used it anyway.

Hope it's useful - if you have any questions let me know.


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