Re: What Happened and How Do I Fix It?

Rick Mann

I may have missed previous emails that specified this, but I'm using SPM dependencies exclusively, and running into issues that (mostly) have workarounds.

As of Xcode 13b3/iOS 15b3, more APIs have been marked as not available to application extensions, which broke one of the SPM dependencies we have.

In b2, Apple made some AVFoundation results no longer `Unmanaged`, which breaks our code (which must still compile under Xcode 12.5.1). It's not clear to me if code written with the iOS 15 SDK can operate on iOS 14

The "workaround" is to stick to 13b1.

Lastly, switching between 12.5.1 and 13 requires us to "reset package caches" (File menu) every time we switch.

On Jul 21, 2021, at 08:26 , Rick Aurbach via <> wrote:

Just one more thing...

It turns out that all of the errors that I'm referring to here occur while compiling local SPM packages. I'm beginning to think that this is:
(a) yet another bug with the Xcode implementation of SPM. (If so, it's the fourth [or so; hard to keep count] that I've uncovered.
(b) another reason to give up on SPM as a good idea whose implementation is fatally flawed.

Honestly, I've invested months on refactoring my entire development environment to use SPM for local packages, and I am about ready to chuck it. I will waste less time by undoing my reliance on SPM than I will trying to get things to work with Xcode.
Rick Mann

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