Re: Problem with IB in Xcode 12.4

Jack Brindle

On the top left side of the middle section of the Xcode window there is an icon that consists of four squares. Click on it and you will find the counterparts item you seek, along with quite a few other things (like “Recent Files”, “Changed Files” and some more actually useful items.

I think Apple moves things around just to do it.


On Feb 23, 2021, at 2:38 PM, Sak Wathanasin <> wrote:

In XC 12.4, control-dragging from a widget in an XIB to a .m file to create an action or to a .h to create an outlet no lnger seems to work. It pops up some error. Works in 12.3 though. Did I imagine it or has someone already posted about it here? If not, I'll raise a bug report.

Also, control-command-up -arrow (or down-arrow) to switch between .m & .h files no longer works (even in 12.3). Instead it tries to open a matching unit test file. I guess this may be for the convenience of Swifties, but some of us still have to work with ObjC files. Since this key-combo doesn't appear in the key-shortcuts ("Open Counterpart" having been removed from the File menu ages ago), any ideas as to how I can get the old behaviour back? My fingers are conditioned to use this key-combo.


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