Problem with IB in Xcode 12.4

Sak Wathanasin

In XC 12.4, control-dragging from a widget in an XIB to a .m file to create an action or to a .h to create an outlet no lnger seems to work. It pops up some error. Works in 12.3 though. Did I imagine it or has someone already posted about it here? If not, I'll raise a bug report.

Also, control-command-up -arrow (or down-arrow) to switch between .m & .h files no longer works (even in 12.3). Instead it tries to open a matching unit test file. I guess this may be for the convenience of Swifties, but some of us still have to work with ObjC files. Since this key-combo doesn't appear in the key-shortcuts ("Open Counterpart" having been removed from the File menu ages ago), any ideas as to how I can get the old behaviour back? My fingers are conditioned to use this key-combo.


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