Question about Push notification server new cert

Owen Hartnett

I’m running a push notification server for our app. It’s working fine. I came across this notice:

and I’m confused where these new certs go.

Previously, just had to generate a push cert through the developer portal and use that cert to send through Pushy (a java apns library) to connect to the server.

It sounds like there’s going to be an additional burden.

Does this mean:

a) I just have to regenerate a new cert through the developer portal and use that

b) I need to download the new certs, install them somewhere in my linux box which is our provider into APNS.

If b), do I install this like an apache certificate (I’m running apache), or does it go into some special linux place for certs

It’s unclear to me where this cert fits in, and where I need to place it.

FYI: I’m running a Certificate-based connection to APNs using a java webapp under Apache.

Any pointers you can give would be helpful.



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