Re: Code Signing

Jon Gotow

Agreed - as I wait for 28 separate disk images to notarize (they're TTS Voice installers for a client).

Take a look at this tool for a all-in-one command line:

So far it's worked pretty well for me. My only issue is that for the current project I'm doing, a full release involves 28 notarizations, and doing them serially with this tool takes an hour or two. So I'm back to having to roll my own scripts so that I can submit all of their installers at once.

- Jon

On Feb 11, 2021, at 8:56 PM, Leo <> wrote:

What we had to get instead is a single command line tool that would do everything notarization is supposed to do, whatever it is, in one take - and return a clear result (success or otherwise). This tool would take care of polling the results on Apple's server and deal properly with zip, dmg, app and whatever else would be fed to it. Developers really shouldn't be intimately involved in every minutia of the notarization process.

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