Re: Code Signing


I agree totally regarding the notarization.

It's a cumbersome, archaic, convoluted, ridiculous process unbecoming of Apple at all.

It was concocted by people who clearly didn't care about developers who'd have to implement it. 

The documentation was useless at best - and misleading at worst. It was written by people who just LOVE talking about notarization on and on and on in absurd lengths as it apparently turns them on. It wasn't written with a goal to clearly and concisely explain it to developers who are unfamiliar with the process.

It took absolutely enormous time to implement this bizarre process. Not to mention the extra time it now takes to post any new update.

What we had to get instead is a single command line tool that would do everything notarization is supposed to do, whatever it is, in one take - and return a clear result (success or otherwise). This tool would take care of polling the results on Apple's server and deal properly with zip, dmg, app and whatever else would be fed to it. Developers really shouldn't be intimately involved in every minutia of the notarization process. 

At least that's my take on it.


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