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Sak Wathanasin

On 10 Feb 2021, at 22:53, Jack Brindle via <jackbrindle@...> wrote:

There seems to be a steep learning curve, but once you are successful you will ask yourself why it took so long to figure out. 

Well, one reason is that it seems to me that the whole notarization process is unnecessarily complicated. For example, when there is some issue, you get back an email with a UUID that you then have to use with xcrun altool to get the URL for the error page. Hells bells! Couldn't they have put the URL into the notification email?

And why does the "stapling" have to be a separate step? The Notarization servrice knows whether it's worked or not, and can staple it (or not). Surely Apple must be aware that people use Bamboo/Hudson/Jenkins/whatever for CI builds, not just XCode Server?

I, for one, resent the amount of time and energy I had to spend tweaking our build scripts. I'll put some Bach on now and calm down...

Sak Wathanasin
Network Analysis Limited 

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