Re: Xcode 12.4 crashes when trying to Distribute App or Validate App

Alex Zavatone

I’ve seen several reports of people having random crashes in 12.4 in many areas.

In the olden days, you would do the provisioning profile creation and assign them to each build manually in the Code Signing settings. Create your distro cert and then create a release provisioning profile that is backed by that cert and your Apple developer private key.

Once you make that provisioning profile, open it and it will appear as an option in Xcode to use to sign the Release build of your app. Make sure to assign it in your target’s Code Signing settings. Once you build and archive your app, you should be able to select that distro profile to your archive. Not sure if that’s how you do it for MacOS, but that’s how we did for iOS.

Now, here’s a tip. NAME YOUR PROVISIONING PROFILES WHAT THEY ARE. Add the expiration date of the cert backing each profile in the name of the profile. This makes it painfully obvious to you which profile is which. Once you know how to manage this process, WHEN Xcode poos the scrooch as it is in this case, you can do it manually and all is well.

More on the tip. I create 2 distro certs that are a month apart because they back the provisioning profiles - which will expire every year - and it’s great to make sure that you have a 1 month overlap when one of the distro certs expires for your provisioning profiles.

Try it out. Create dev and distro certs and provisioning profiles.

I use this naming standard for each build or distribution option
Dev - myAwesomeApp - expiration_date_of_cert.mobileprovision
AdHoc - myAwesomeApp - expiration_date_of_cert.mobileprovision
Dist - myAwesomeApp - expiration_date_of_cert.mobileprovision

Dist -TriggeringApp - exp_Mar_22_2017.mobileprovision
AdHoc -TriggeringApp - exp_Mar_22_2017.mobileprovision
Dev - TriggeringApp - exp_Apr_03_2018.mobileprovision

Lots of this is detailed in chapter 4 of the book you just ordered.

Does that help?

Alex Zavatone

On Feb 10, 2021, at 1:58 PM, Steve Mills via <> wrote:

A new build (tried twice, with different build numbers even) is consistently crashing Xcode when it gets to a step after the "Automatically/Manually manage signing" step. It shows "Communicating with Apple", then "Packaging <app name>" and quickly crashes.

Anybody else?

I tried using the developer's forums, but it's currently being totally buggy or unresponsive.

Steve Mills
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