Re: Problems with exporting an archived app

John Brownie

This gets weirder. I fixed the location of the QL plugin (should be Contents/Library/QuickLook, not Plugins), but it still failed with the same message. So I then got one of the older archived versions from the Organizer, and I get the same error message! Same with checking out an older version.

So that makes me think that it is either a newer version of macOS or Xcode that's doing it. I moved to Big Sur last week, and Xcode 12 quite some time ago, but this is probably the first time I'm aiming to do a release since moving to Xcode 12.

Any further ideas? All I can think of at the moment is that QuickLook plugins were changed in 10.15, and I only have the older technology at present. Does Big Sur require that I have both old and new?


Alex Zavatone via wrote on 10/2/21 16:24:

Somehow it thinks that the path to the app’s bundle is nil. It’s a little hard to tell if it’s trying to find the target app name, or the folder for it (the bundle).

By any chance, did you delete a setting value while you were making your changes? Can you check out a previous version of your app’s code to a different folder and do a diff on the project folders? That should show you differences between the two and help narrow down your error.

You can also do that and only diff your .xcprroj file and that should show you the difference between what worked and what now fails to help you find the problem.

Alex Zavatone

On Feb 10, 2021, at 5:37 AM, John Brownie <> wrote:

I've got a current version of my app out there, and want to do a bug release. Due to my own error, I changed the main repository to a sandboxed version, so I had to create a new project to build the current release, and this may be a consequence of not setting things up correctly.

Anyway, I successfully archived the app, but then I want to export it as a Developer ID app, and I get a fail with this error message (slightly redacted):

Failed to generate distribution items with error: Error Domain=IDEFoundationErrorDomain Code=1 "Didn't find executable for bundle NSBundle <(null)> (not yet loaded) at path <DVTFilePath:0x7fbf681b52c0:'/Users/john/Library/Developer/Xcode/Archives/2021-02-10/appname 10-2-21, 11.54.xcarchive/Products/Applications/ Quick Look Generator.qlgenerator'>."

Doing a web search for the error turns up either nothing at all (if I include up to "path") or nothing of use that I could see. The Quick Look Generator does exist at the specified path as a bundle which is pretty standard, of the form:
appname Quick Look Generator

I don't know where to look to find where the NSBundle <(null)> might be coming from. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

John Brownie
Mussau-Emira language, New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea
Kouvola, Finland

John Brownie
Mussau-Emira language, New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea
Kouvola, Finland

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