Problems with exporting an archived app

John Brownie

I've got a current version of my app out there, and want to do a bug release. Due to my own error, I changed the main repository to a sandboxed version, so I had to create a new project to build the current release, and this may be a consequence of not setting things up correctly.

Anyway, I successfully archived the app, but then I want to export it as a Developer ID app, and I get a fail with this error message (slightly redacted):

Failed to generate distribution items with error: Error Domain=IDEFoundationErrorDomain Code=1 "Didn't find executable for bundle NSBundle <(null)> (not yet loaded) at path <DVTFilePath:0x7fbf681b52c0:'/Users/john/Library/Developer/Xcode/Archives/2021-02-10/appname 10-2-21, 11.54.xcarchive/Products/Applications/ Quick Look Generator.qlgenerator'>."

Doing a web search for the error turns up either nothing at all (if I include up to "path") or nothing of use that I could see. The Quick Look Generator does exist at the specified path as a bundle which is pretty standard, of the form:
      appname Quick Look Generator

I don't know where to look to find where the NSBundle <(null)> might be coming from. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

John Brownie
Mussau-Emira language, New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea
Kouvola, Finland

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