Re: Can't see variable values in breakpoints

Alex Zavatone

On Jan 28, 2021, at 2:06 PM, Steve Mills via <> wrote:

On Jan 28, 2021, at 13:16, Alex Zavatone via <> wrote:

I’ve got the console set to appear automatically.
Me too.

The floating window never showed me what I needed and it was always a delay before it showed anything. If if did what I needed, then I would have abandoned autoDescribe years ago.

How is the command complicated? It’s po followed by the object and the method. It’s 3 words. Once it’s set up in your .pch, it works as an extension to every NSObject.
It’s complicated compared to pointing the mouse. Typing “po [a_Very_Long_Variable_Name_Craeted_By_Some_Nerd autoDescribe]” takes a helluva lot longer than pointing the mouse, especially when you realize the typo I made and have to type it all over again or at least hit up-arrow and correct the mistake. Nobody said your autoDescribe doesn’t show more info. You keep saying it’s faster to use, which it’s not.
It’s less complicated than pointing the mouse, expanding the object, finding your property, expanding that, waiting for it to display and then realizing that you need some other value too.

The whole idea is to dump the contents of an object that have a string representation so that you have all the object’s data - and that of its children - as well. Then you can browse that data as needed.

No, I’m not overriding anything. This is an extension to NSObject adding a new method. That’s it.
I know. I only mentioned overriding description because it’s something anybody can easily do. It’s still not faster than hovering the mouse.

Use it or don’t. I’m just letting people know it exists.
Fine. Great. Just don’t say it’s faster to use.
It is faster to use. I wasted so much time picking through the preview window and having to go back and forth between finding values that I can say with 7 years of experience using this that it’s a shitload faster.

For that one string in the property that you know is right at the top level of your object, you’re right, the preview window is faster. When you need to check on multiple properties within an object, isn’t it faster to simply dump the properties and values of the object to the console - without having to write a describe method? In my experience it is.

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