Re: Can't see variable values in breakpoints

Steve Mills

On Jan 28, 2021, at 09:55, Alex Zavatone via <> wrote:

Never use the hover. There is always a delay and it is a waste of time. I always po or v the object.
Never?! Waste of time?! That’s completely ridiculous. If you already have your hand on the mouse, it’s SO much quicker to hover over a variable than it is to move the mouse to the console pane (assuming you have it open), clicking in the free space, then typing “po variable”, especially when Xcode acts up and won’t autocomplete the long variable name, so you have to type the whole damn thing, hit return, then retype it when you spelled it wrong.

Plus, hovering reveals the eye icon in the little floater, which is incredibly useful for seeing a preview of images, views, colors, etc, which po doesn’t do.

Steve via iPad

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