Re: Can't see variable values in breakpoints

Alex Zavatone

Never use the hover.   There is always a delay and it is a waste of time.  I always po or v the object.  

But most often we want to see the string data within the object.  In objective-C, I use an autoDescribe extension on NSObject to iterate through all the properties and display the property name and string value of the object, as well as the objects it contains. 

In  the console, you’d type this.

$ po [myObject autoDescribe]

To use the class, add an #import "NSObject+AutoDescribe.h"  to your class or imports it into your .pch. 

It’s a godsend.  

On Jan 28, 2021, at 9:17 AM, dhoerl via <dhoerl@...> wrote:

Somehow in the past few months, the company project I work on refuses to show variable values when you "hover" the mouse over the variable. Nothing - nada. Its just the one project - all my other projects work just fine.

I know it worked at one point, then it didn't but unfortunately I ignored it at the time, and now don't even have any idea when.

The company hired another dev, he has the same issue, so it must have something to do with the project itself.

This project is build using Xcode 12.3, has both PODS and Swift Packages in it, is mostly Swift with a few Objective C files (several PODS are ObjC) too.

I poked around yesterday, changing settings, but nothing. I don't have the slightest idea of where to even start.

Any and all suggestions most welcom!


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