Re: Xcode 11 unusable?

Glenn L. Austin


You might try breaking your complex user interface up into smaller parts, and embed each of those smaller parts into the top-level window.

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On May 10, 2020, at 7:47 PM, Leo <leo.r@...> wrote:

Thanks Jens,

At this point I could only reproduce it with my own projects (exact same issues on my both iMac and MBP).

But I also noticed that issues seem to be triggered by an attempt to manipulate a particularly complex element in Interface Builder such as a complex large window with many UI elements. Relatively simple and small UI elements don't seem to trigger the problem.

I downloaded some Xcode projects from the Internet to test, and while I didn't have any issues they also didn't have complex UI elements comparable to my projects. 

I couldn't find anything obviously suspicious in lengthy logs produced by Console and Activity Monitor > Sample.

And yes, I submitted bug to Apple. Will update if I ever hear from them.



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