Re: How to add a 32-bit binary to a bundle in Catalina/Xcode 11.4.1?

Alex Zavatone

Just add a shell script that does it for you.  The build environment variables are exposed so you will know where to copy to and you can copy from anywhere on your Mac’s drive.

On Apr 18, 2020, at 12:56 AM, John Brownie <john_brownie@...> wrote:

Yes, it's a binary that I get from a third party that goes into the executables folder. Is there a way to copy it there in a way that allows me to build the app and go through the whole notarisation process?


On Sat 18. Apr 2020 at 8.47, Leo <leo.r@...> wrote:
ok if you need to build that binary then Xcode won't do it on Catalina. i thought it might be something already compiled that you just need to include in the app package.


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