Re: How to add a 32-bit binary to a bundle in Catalina/Xcode 11.4.1?

Jack Brindle


There may be another way. Create a shell script to copy the binary into the application, then call it from a script phase in the target build. Be sure to use the ditto command for the copy so that you get all the meta parameters for the file(s).

We do our builds from shell scripts. They include copying, signing and notarization among other things, and do include third party libraries. I am pretty sure that I have updated all 32-bit binaries to 64 bits, however.

The Notarization requirements are driven for the most part from the Apple side, so if the app Notarized since the end of February on Mojave, then I would expect it to also do so on Catalina. Also note that you can build with either Xcode 10 or 11 on Catalina - just give them separate names and use Xcode-select to select the one you want. Xcode 10 may not have the limitation that you see with Xcode 11. The February date is important since the heightened requirements such as hardened runtime came into effect at that time. This is part of code signing, which means the vendor supplying the binary must have signed it with hardened runtime and the exception that allows others to include it in their apps.


On Apr 18, 2020, at 12:11 AM, John Brownie <john_brownie@...> wrote:

You can notarise with a 32-bit binary as part of the bundle, at least on Mojave. It looks as though Apple want us to drop support for older systems and special cases like mine. I'll be pursuing getting a build environment with Mojave.


On Sat 18. Apr 2020 at 9.09, Leo <leo.r@...> wrote:
frankly, i don't know if you can notarize an app with any kind of 32-bit code inside of it. i suspect you can't.

but once again, i don't know. fortunately, that's at least one aspect of the whole notarization hurdle i didn't have to deal with. so i feel your pain.

good luck!

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