Re: How to add a 32-bit binary to a bundle in Catalina/Xcode 11.4.1?

John Brownie

You can notarise with a 32-bit binary as part of the bundle, at least on Mojave. It looks as though Apple want us to drop support for older systems and special cases like mine. I'll be pursuing getting a build environment with Mojave.


On Sat 18. Apr 2020 at 9.09, Leo <leo.r@...> wrote:
frankly, i don't know if you can notarize an app with any kind of 32-bit code inside of it. i suspect you can't.

but once again, i don't know. fortunately, that's at least one aspect of the whole notarization hurdle i didn't have to deal with. so i feel your pain.

good luck!

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