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Sak Wathanasin

On 28 Feb 2020, at 02:43, Charles Phillips <phillipstriples@...> wrote:

I see the "Remote Name" and "Location" entries and have tried to put in the names of the repositories but the XCode does not connect. Should the Location be  (which is what shows up in GitHub)???

And the Remote Name should be the name of the repository? 

I think so, at least that's what the Xcode help for "Add existing remote" implies. However, you first need to add your Github account to Xcode under Preferences->Accounts.

The easiest way I found to copy Xcode-related stuff from one Mac to another is to simply copy the entire source folder tree over - embedded in it is a ".git" directory that contains all the info that (the git client in) Xcode needs, apart from account info. If you also copy over the ".gitXXXX" files & folders from your home directory (they are hidden by the Finder, so I use the Terminal), you will pick up your global Git settings.

When we replaced our MacMini build boxes, I simply used the "Migration Assistant" to copy the entire home directory over, and that included all the Xcode settings, passwords in the keychain etc. So Xcode just picked up where it'd left off.

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