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Alex Zavatone

If getting newer Macs is an option, I have a great reseller in TX that can get you more modern Macs (iMacs, MacBook Pros, Airs) at under $1000 per.  I’ve been using them for 4 years.

Please reply off list if that’s an option for you.

One other option is to install fresh OSes to external SSDs and run your tests from there on each Mac.  Upgrade as necessary and test booting each Mac off of different versions of the SSD.  I’d use 2.  Mirror one to the other and then upgrade one.  Try ti on both.  If it works, mirror back to the other SSD.  Stop the upgrade when one fails.  

Slightly older Macs from 2020 are fine at least 5 years back.  I’m typing this on a mid 2015 MBP.  As soon as you boot your Mac off of an SSD, it’s a different world.

If it’s in your budget, I’d look at upgrading you Macs to newer used Macs.  

Good luck

On Feb 27, 2020, at 8:43 PM, Charles Phillips <phillipstriples@...> wrote:

All -

I asked a question here last month and got a lot of good answers, so here goes again.

I have two Macs (a 2011 MacBook Pro and a 2012 Mac Mini) and recently decided that I had better update them as much as possible before it was too late. So I updated the MacBook to High Sierra (with a patcher application since the MacOS High Sierra certificate had expired) and the Mac Mini to Mojave (also used a patcher there). The Mojave update was flawless, but now XCode still runs on the Mini but no longer runs on the MacBook. Grrrr. I always used XCode mostly on the MacBook and had my GitHub repositories updated from that computer. 

Being lazy, I had never figured out how to get the Mac Mini connected so that I could push and pull from my GitHub repositories. 

So now I am trying to see my repositories on GitHub from the Mac Mini, no joy. 

I am trying to connect the version on XCode to an existing repository but the Add an existing remote refuses to cooperate.

I see the "Remote Name" and "Location" entries and have tried to put in the names of the repositories but the XCode does not connect. Should the Location be  (which is what shows up in GitHub)???

And the Remote Name should be the name of the repository? 

I have tried a number of variations and have looked through the help.


Charles Phillips
Houston, Texas

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