JavaScript for Automation (JXA) Wiki #wiki


I have now started a wiki for this group:

JavaScript for Automation (JXA) Wiki

We are just getting started, and are looking for wiki contributors of all sizes and shapes. You don't have to be an "expert", or a "guru" to contribute, but you do need to be correct. So please double-check ✅✅ your posts to this wiki to make sure they are factual, correct, and clear. One of the great features of wikis is that they can be easily edited by multiple authors. So, if you spot a mistake, an error, or you find the text confusing, please jump in and edit the wiki article to make it better. If you are not sure about what is correct, or you would like confirmation first, then just post a topic here (with a hashtag of "#wiki"), and present the issue/question.

We want everyone to know they can rely on the information they find in this wiki! 😀

One technical note: The Wiki has been setup to use the Markdown format for posting. So before you create or edit a Wiki page, you will need to go to [YourProfile] > Account > Preferences > Post Preference and choose Markdown.

If you have any suggestions concerning the wiki, please feel free to post here.

So, please join with us in making this the best JXA site on the web❗️