SceeneKit not picking up arrow keys correctly?

Alex Hall

Hi all,
I'm following a tutorial on SceneKit, which sets up a few nodes, a camera, and some keyboard capturing to let the user arrow around the sceene. The author of the code says it works on his machine, and everything looks fine to me both in the code and in the debug console.

However, when I press a plain arrow key, nothing happens. Not only do I not move, but my keyUp event in the delegate doesn't capture anything, as though the key wasn't pressed. If I press command with an arrow, that arrow's key code is captured by the function, but there's no masking going on that would require any modifier.

I'm sending this from my phone at work, so I don't have the actual sample code to include, sorry. I'm hoping someone has seen these oddities with key capturing in SceneKit and has some idea of what I could try. I'm on 10.13, Xcode 9, both the latest betas. I'm building a Mac app. Thanks in advance!

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