Game Kit Turn Based Match?



I’m trying to understand how to use the GKTurnBasedMatch facility in Game Kit.

From reading the documentation, I’m not quite sure how make it work with the rules of the game I am developing.

In my game, players can perform the following in the following order:

1. Make a Move (play a piece from their “Stash” on the Board).
2.. Draw a New Piece (randomly pick a new piece that is placed in the players “Stash”).

However, a player may not be able to make a move and if all the pieces have been picked, then can’t draw a piece either. The games ends (and a winner is determined) when no player can perform either action, and then a winner is determined from the current Score of each player.

This doesn’t fit into the way the documentation describes the GKTurnBasedMatch class working, so I’m wondering if I can still use it. The thing is that there is a fair amount of work to do in order to get it to the stage where I can see if I can bend GKTurnBasedMatch to my needs, but I’d rather know up-front is possible.

Does anyone know if there is a Game Kit Specific Mailing list around?

All the Best