Advice on using Storyboards


Mac Project


I’m trying to figure out the best way start up my Mac Application when launched.

I’m not sure if its better to use Storyboards or just to stick with simple NIBs. This is a very simple App in that there are only two windows and one of those is the Splash Screen. When the games launches, I’d like it to display the Splash Screen for a few seconds, then dismiss it and open the main window (which contains a complex manual layout view Hierarchy). At the moment, I’m trying to figure out how the best way to make this happen.

The test App I used to develop the Main window is just a one window app and is all in one Storyboard. If I continue to use Storyboards, then I’d need to add another storyboard file for the Main Window as it is manual layout and the other Splash screen window is Auto-Layout and also I think its better to keep it in a separate file as its quite big and I find it faster to keep the files as small as possible. Is it possible for the Splash Screen (located in main.storyboard) to link to a WindowController/Window/ViewController in another storyboard file after a small delay?

The other way I could do it, is to manually use a WindowController, Window and ViewController and create the Window Controller from the App Delegate via a NIB.

Any suggestion on the way forward greatly appreciated.

All the Best