Determine System Time Format (12hr vs 24hr)

Sandor Szatmari

I have been using the following code to determine if a system is set to 12hr or 24hr time for sometime…

            NSString *formatStringForHours = [NSDateFormatter dateFormatFromTemplate:@"j" options:0 locale:[NSLocale currentLocale]];
            NSRange containsH = [formatStringForHours rangeOfString:@"H"];
            BOOL shouldUse24HrTime = containsH.location != NSNotFound;
            format = (shouldUse24HrTime) ? @"H:mm" : @"h:mm";

Now, on Catalina, I am realizing that this code is failing.  Unfortunately, I don't know when this started to fail. 
It always returns 'h a', whereas previously it returned 'H'.

macOS: 10.15.5 (19F101)
Xcode: 11.6 (11E708)
Deployment Target: 10.11
Build SDK: 10.15

Is anyone else seeing the same thing?  If others can confirm this same apparently errant behaviour I'll file a bug report.  First, I want to be sure it's not just my system…

Also, does anyone know an alternative, or better, way to determine the time format of the system? ('Use 24-hour clock' as found in Date & Time System Preferences)