Swifty question, macOS:

As part of its functionality, my sandboxed app allows users to search for files across the entire filesystem. In the results of the search (displayed in an NSTableview), I implement the double-click argument on the table to show the file in the Finder. 

I do this with

NSWorkspace.shared().selectFile(_, inFileViewerRootedAtPath: )

Everything works fine, save for the fact that Xcode’s console prints the following warning:

__CFPasteboardCreateSandboxExtensionDataFromCFData(CFDataRef) : failed to obtain sandbox extension data for url [file:///<path to file>]

I’ve done the usual searches, seen a couple of mentions of this before, but nothing really concrete as to either i. whether it’s benign and ii. how to avoid the warning. 

While it seems that the warning doesn’t affect functionality, I’m worried it’ll be a red flag for the App Store review. Any thoughts on how I can deal with this?