Re: Strange Memory Patterns

Sandor Szatmari

It is a standard GUI MacOS app. No special options. It runs in user space like any other user focused Mac app. To be clear, when I say background, I mean it’s menubar is not the menubar being shown in finder, ie. It’s not the ‘frontmost’ application. Or in code speak NSRunningApplication’s -active method would return no for this application. Clicking on the App’s dock icon to bring the app to the foreground, so it’s menubar is displayed in the finder, is what causes the memory to be released.


On Apr 24, 2019, at 16:44, Alex Zavatone via Groups.Io <zav@...> wrote:

What background options have you enabled in the app? I admit that I am unfamiliar with Mac policy on background apps and only ask with iOS background.
On Apr 24, 2019, at 9:41 PM, Sandor Szatmari <> wrote:

We have an app that handles incoming server connections. For each connection it opens a window that shows the activity of the connection. When the client is done the window closes. When the activity happens while the app is in the background the application does not release memory and appears to leak. However, when I bring the app to the foreground the backlog of memory is released. It looks like auto release pools that aren’t popped until the app is foregrounded. I can track that down, but I thought I’d ask if anyone could identify this as a known issue before going down that path.

MacOS Sierra
Xcode 8.1
Build SDK 10.9
Deployment Target 10.6


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