Re: macOS Drag and Drop onto App Icon

Bill Pitcher

for archive sakeā€¦

As is often the case with my problems, it lay between the keyboard and the seat.

Answer: check the filename before making it into a URL


are your friends. It sure produced some interesting messages in console which put me off the scent.

Also os.log is a great tool to deal with the unruly console log, I remember when you could get that console torrent completely silent.


On 21 Apr 2019, at 8:31 am, Bill Pitcher <bill@...> wrote:

Hi Folks,

I will dispense with a rant about the eroding freedoms and the pains of sandboxing.

My problem is finding a correct (App Store approval) method to enable drag and drop to the App Icon.

I'm fan of this Mac feature and consider it an act of "user intent" but I can't find a override to get the dropped URL.

Code examples are always good too.


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