Re: Custom UTIs based on don't always work

Quincey Morris

On Mar 13, 2019, at 21:17 , Steve Mills via Groups.Io <sjmills@...> wrote:


Well, this is kind of wrong. CFBundleTypeExtensions and LSTypeIsPackage should not be specified in the document type when you’re using an exported UTI. I don’t really recall their presence actively messing things up, but I suggest you get rid of them. AFAICT, the most complete and accurate documentation is this:

and you have to read Table 2 carefully to see what doesn’t apply any more (i.e. since 10.5!).

When I sync and run it on mac 10.14 Mac …

What does “sync” mean in this context? Is Xcode running on the 10.14 Mac, or is it running on a 10.13 Mac? Are you doing some kind of command line copy to move the bundle between Macs?

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