Re: Need help understanding a threading issue

Rick Aurbach

Yes, that was my thinking as well. But, the UI was not frozen. (And, indeed, if it had been frozen, I wouldn't have expected the Notification approach to work either.) 

One additional piece of information I may have inadvertently left out of my original message: using the original approach (of injecting a block into the main queue), I can get the function to work by strategically placing breakpoints in the queued background operations. I don't know whether this means that the breakpoints are interfering with how the queuing works or whether it's a sign of a timing issue or what. I did consider that there was a timing issue and tested that by calling the block with DispatchQueue.main.asyncAfter(..) using a 100ms delay, but that didn't help either.

[This reply has gotten me thinking... I wonder if this has something to do with capture semantics and the fact that the operation that does the dispatch has completed (and therefore was deleted) before the block executed. I could test this by changing the Operation to call a method of a more persistent class (and having that method issue the dispatch call). (If you're following what I'm thinking here.)

I'll try that and let the group know...


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