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I think you misunderstood what I meant, of course there maybe complex situations where using Storyboard/Segues/Auto-layout are a good idea, and one you describe maybe the best (or only) way to do it.

What I meant is that if you have a very simple case (on the Mac) whereby you just want a Splash Screen to display for a few seconds and then another window to appear (think a board game), then really what is the point of using a Storyboard (apart from the fact that this is the default action in XCode if you create a new single window App)? I’m asking if there are any benefits or if you *have* to use storyboards in order to make it work correctly.

The reason I ask, is because as an experiment (in a Test App) I broke the components of the Storyboard XCode generated into separate NIBs and the App that worked using a Storyboard began to behave differently and I’m trying to figure out if somehow a Storyboard is *needed* to make Manual Layout work.
By this I mean something that uses the:

-(void) resizeWithOldSuperviewSize:(NSSize) theOldSuperViewSize;

way of doing things, rather than “layout” and constraints.

This is dangerously close to an insult — I don't intend one, this is for the archive — but make sure it's not just a matter of sentiment. You still run into people who won't use Instruments (except at release minus one week) or even a debugger, because they feel moment-to-moment pressure telling them they don't have time to learn.
I really can’t see what could be construed at an insult! But why would you run instruments unless they is a problem? I used to run it quite often in order to check for leaks, but since ARC has been around I’ve not found the need. Especially since I “Analyse” quite often. As for the using the debugger, I don’t know any developer that doesn’t use it, however, if you sprinkle Logging about the place, this can be quicker at identifying where the problem lies than stepping through with the debugger. I’ve found a combination of the two to be the most effective tool in debugging.

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