Very short-lived Permissions in iOS

Gerriet M. Denkmann

iOS 12; Xcode 10.

User clicks on a button.

2018-09-28 12:14:59.376384+0700 CLAuthorizationStatus: Not Determined
2018-09-28 12:14:59.377407+0700 asking for permission...
2018-09-28 12:15:01.242062+0700 -[AppIosDelegate applicationWillResignActive:]

A panel (alert, whatever) comes up with some text.
But less than a second later:

2018-09-28 12:15:02.163068+0700 -[AppIosDelegate applicationDidBecomeActive:]

and now my app obscures the panel, without giving me time to read it, let alone answer it.

This is not very helpful.
How can this be avoided?


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