Re: Temperatur etc. from Locale

Gerriet M. Denkmann

On 24 Sep 2018, at 20:41, Andy Lee via Groups.Io <aglee@...> wrote:

I haven’t played with it myself, but maybe NSMeasurementFormatter?
Excellent. Just what I needed.

Contrary to my expectations Celsius/Fahrenheit is *not* part of Locale, but set in System Preferences → Language & Region → Temperature.

I can’t find “rounds per minute”, but probably I can make my own from NSUnitAngle.revolutions and

fr_FR "2,6 km" "2,6 km" "2,6 kilomètres"
de_DE "2,6 km" "2,6 km" "2,6 Kilometer"
en_IE "2.6km" "2.6 km" "2.6 kilometres"
zh_ZH "2.6公里" "2.6公里" "2.6公里"
th_TH "2.6กม." "2.6 กม." "2.6 กิโลเมตร"
en_US “1.6mi" "1.6 mi" "1.6 miles"

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