Re: More Layout Questions



It’s not so much it can’t handle it, its that it takes way to long to do the design in  Xcode/Interface Builder and what I am doing is not that difficult but there is a lot of it. Also their is a lot of documentation, I could never find anything actually helped me to do the design for a game. After 3 separate attempts that took around 12 days, I managed to get it working with a few glitches, then I came to modify it, and it was sheer hell. In the end I gave up and decided to do the layout myself.


On 22 Sep 2018, at 17:54, Gary L. Wade <garywade@...> wrote:

When you find a use case it doesn’t handle, consider the various container views available, and if those don’t help, definitely write a radar.  Apple is always improving things, and if you report such a case, it helps everyone.

On Sep 22, 2018, at 7:54 AM, Keary Suska <cocoa-dev@...> wrote:

Honestly, that means using autolayout because that “is thew way Cocoa works these days” but I sympathize with a strong desire to avoid it, as well as there being a number of use cases it simply can’t handle.

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