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Quincey Morris

On Sep 20, 2018, at 22:50 , Gerriet M. Denkmann <g@...> wrote:

This is probably self-evident (and probably also well documented),

It is self-evident after you read the documentation, but it takes about a day to read the documentation …

but it took me more than a day to figure this out.

… and if you’d spent the day reading the documentation, it wouldn’t have taken a day to figure out. ;)

TBH, it’s a bit frightening how abstruse the controller interactions have become on iOS over the years. If you study the master-detail app template in Xcode, you’ll see that it gives the iPad *both* a split view controller *and* a navigation controller, and it switches between the two dynamically, depending on how the split view interacts with a compact dimension.

If you want to make your head hurt, you can spend another day figuring out how the machinery in the App Delegate and the MasterViewController, and the cross-linked navigation controllers in the storyboard all work together to do some very clever things. I particular like this comment in the helper method near the end of the App Delegate:

            // Return true to indicate that we have handled the collapse by doing nothing; the secondary controller will be discarded.

This is quite a strange rabbit hole to disappear into.

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