Re: Segue

Rick Aurbach

I'm not sure I am understanding your problem correctly, but I am wondering about the exact layout of your storyboard. Specifically, are you using a UISplitViewController? The Push (Detail) segue is specific to it. 

On an iPhone (particularly in portrait mode), the push-detail segue looks like a simple push, but it is not. You can see this when running on an iPad in Simulator, where you will see both the TableViewController and the Detail controller (in whole or with part of it covered by the TableViewController) side by side. The push detail segue brings the detail controller to the front, covering (hiding) the TableViewController. On a phone, this just looks like a push.

If you don't have a split-view controller, then the segue can't do that (i.e., it can't call UISplitViewController.showDetailViewController) and is apparently doing a simple UIViewController.present instead.

If I'm off on a mistaken tangent here, please excuse the waste of bandwidth.

Rick Aurbach

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