iOS - Debugging an uncooperative UIAlertController

Alex Zavatone

On certain iDevices, we have a UIAlertController that refuses to display the text of the only button, the OK button. This has been a problem for the past year and of course it only appears in the alert used for the user to complete registration.

Oddly enough, in the UIAlertAction the text is not nil, the button area is tappable, we are adding it to the alertController in thread 1 and on some devices, it just doesn’t appear.

Does anyone have any tips for debugging this type of situation? I have a reproducible case on one device now (iOS 9.3.5, iPad 2) and am about to start looking in to the view hierarchy to see what I can see.

Has anyone else seen this type of situation before?

Thanks in advance,
Alex Zavatone

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