Re: Show splash screen before finished launching?

James Walker

On Sep 6, 2018, at 5:13 PM, Quincey Morris <> wrote:

On Sep 6, 2018, at 11:17 , James Walker <> wrote:

I’m trying to show a splash screen in applicationWillFInishLaunching:, but it doesn’t actually appear until applicationDidFinishLaunching: seconds later.
Coming at this from the other side, why does it take enough seconds to get from willFinishLaunching to didFinishLaunching that you care? If you can reduce that time a bit, maybe you don’t have to solve the original problem.

IIRC from the last time this topic was discussed, getting windows displayed earlier than didFinishLaunching is pretty treacherous.
I come here looking for a simple solution, and you try to make me THINK? That’s hardly fair. :-)

I managed to move some work onto a different thread, and fix a place where my main thread was getting blocked for a while. Though it would still be nice to solve this mystery.

New clue: if I run the app in Xcode using the option "Launch application without state restoration", then the splash window appears sooner.

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